Nearly time to vote.

It’s erection time again and in a few days time you will get the chance to choose a  new government, but which bunch of pricks do you want to be saddled with for the next five years. At the moment we have the Tory-Liberal coalition  who have been forced to make very difficult and painful choices in order to steer us out of the catastrophic mess created by the previous Labour administration and there is still some way to go yet before we  balance the books. So a vote for the Tory’s will mean more of the same which is not a  perfect situation by any means but it as made us  one of the fastest growing economy’s  in the world, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs ,  it’s given us a strong pound while Euro land is still on it’s knee’s talking about doing something in the future. The IMF said we were on the wrong track and we should borrow more but the governments strong economic plan was the only way  out of the usual Labour induced economic mess  making the IMF economists predictions wrong not once but every year.

You could vote for Ed Moribund he used to be commissar Brown’s cabin boy  making the tea in the back room while good old Gordon ruined the country. After the electorate came to their senses and voted them out, comrade Brown got the boot  but before he went he made sure the next leader was a left wing socialist type and not some middle of the road Blair-ite .So red Ed entered the leadership elections along with his brother David who was odds on favorite to win as he was seen to be acceptable to the establishment the rank and file membership and also large parts of the public, but it didn’t mater how many voted for him it would never be enough because young Ed had sold his soul  to the devil aka, Len McCluskie . He along with about 70 other MP’s had agreed to do the union’s biding in exchange for what’s left of their dignity  . As the only candidate with the union’s block vote the job of leader was assured, so as he approached the stage for his first speech as leader the sound of ” Puppet on a string” filled the hall and that was the death knell of new Labour.miliband

And what policies as he come up with after five years, a price freeze on energy prices however prices have been falling every year so they kicked that one  into the long grass but as petrol is 30p cheaper than last year expect them to put at least 10p on a liter to start with along with increases in beer and tobacco and it’s the working man who will suffer as usual . They won’t touch the non-doms  they bring in to much tax money and they won’t bother Google, Amazon or Starbucks about their questionable tax arrangements  . And now we come to  the elephant in the room the NHS, Labour are responsible for privatizing the NHS with their PFI  private funding initiative  a scheme were private money ( 30 Billion pounds ) is invested in the NHS and re payed over fifty years or so ( 80 Billion pounds ) . They go on about saving the NHS  and sorting it out, so why they didn’t do it during their thirteen years in office .They did the same with transport. and you wonder why we are in such a mess. Just look at their front bench it’s practically the same team of irresponsible halfwits that failed to react to the last world economic collapse. So the big question is, do you want a bunch of Unison / GMB controlled MP’s applying the usual tax and spend, borrow and  waste policies.nicola 2

nicola 5All the signs are that we may get a hung Parliament so Moribund will have to form a coalition with another party and it looks like that will be the SNP lead by Janette Krankie a woman determined to break up the UK1416617016370_Image_galleryImage_JIMMY_KRANKIE_OF_THE_KRAN and inflict a raft of silly left wing policies on the electorate. So if your not careful Red Ed the union puppet will have to climb into bed with Janette Krankie, his hands would be tried thanks to his union masters and she would be sat on his face calling the shots and blackmailing the party over Trident and increased borrowingnicola

Over the last few years the UKIP have grown in strength thanks to successive governments avoiding the problems of unlimited immigration from the EU and the constant stream of asylum seekers crossing several continents to get to the UK , a place where you can get a modern council house for free and loads of money free schools and health care, as a result we see communities swamped with Rumanian gypsy’s, Muslims from the most backward areas of the middle east eager for a hand out before wishing us all dead.multi UKIP’s other main policies are to do with getting us out of Europe, highlighting the blatant bureaucratic waste and corruption  and the EU’s unwillingness to do anything about it.

The Green party must be on the same medication as me because they  have come out with the most ridiculous drivel Ive ever heard 60% tax plus a wealth tax plus a land tax plus a landlord tax the green’s want to create more taxes than commissar Brown could ever dream of, and they want to spend it on wind mills and mental health.

And as for the Liberals well Cleggy or who ever is left after polling day  is gamboling on going into coalition with one of the two main party’s he say’s  wants to be the brains of a future Labour government, well a transit van full of special needs kids could do that job and as for being the heart of the Tory’s well you don’t get anywhere being soft.

Anyway I can’t sit here concocting this drivel I’m supposed to be handing out leaflets for the BNP in Rotherham.



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