It’s that time of year again folks

As the year draws to a close I thought I’d take time to remember the people and events of 2014.
The world of entertainment lost a few souls joan people like Joan Rivers a very funny woman who kept most of Beverly hills plastic surgeons in work. rikThen we have Rik Mayall who had a coronary episode,robin Robin Williams , GOOOOOOOD MORNING St PETER , testing the rafters with a belt.L’Wren-Scott-at-6ft-3-was-5-inches-taller-than-Mick-Jagger-5ft-10 Mick Jagger’s long suffering  bird L’Wen Scot who had probably had enough of him stung herself up with a silk scarfPeaches-Geldof-Instagram Peaches Geldof heroine junkie , runs in the family apparently  . philPhilip Seymour-Hoffman heroine overdose another insecure  attention seeking actor  .

The Russians started to interfere in the Crimea and shot down a jet.

triggerRoger Lloyd Pack , Trigger in only fools and horses.

Bob Hoskins, The long good Friday and Block Busters ( I’ll have a P please Bob )

James Garner, Shirley Temple, Billie Whitelaw and Micky Rooney.

UKIP on the march winning seats in parliament because the three main party’s aren’t listening to the voters.

Oscar Pistorius was found guilty of manslaughter and is now giving blow-jobs in the prison showers .oscar

Dickie Attenborough acclaimed actor, director  and all round lovie

Ebola is moving though west Africa and should be in London by next week.

Joe Cocker, Alvin Stardust and Russell-Brand_1534181c Russel Brand. ( that might be a bit premature )

Malcolm Glazier the yank who gave Munchester united 700 million pounds worth of debt to pay off.

The backward sand niggers of ISIS going back in time to the middle ages and doing the only thing Muslim’s are any good at, killing other Muslim’s and degrading women and loving goats.isis

Merry crimbo.


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